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Which Car Insurance Coverages Does Hail Damage Fall Under?

By on May 3, 2011 in Auto Insurance, Insurance with 0 Comments

With the recent bout of devastating storms hitting the southeast, many individuals sustained damage to their homes and vehicles. Many cars left without cover received an onslaught of hail ranging from pea sized (no damage) to tennis ball and baseball sized hail (lots of damage). Hail of this size can easily destroy a vehicle’s windows […]

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Should I Have Rental Coverage on My Car Insurance?

By on April 22, 2011 in Auto Insurance, Insurance with 0 Comments

I recently switched car insurance companies and saved money. Our old insurer was unable to match the new insurers low price and we happily moved our coverage over. As part of the automobile insurance quoting process at nearly every insurance company out there, you will be asked if you would like to add on “rental […]

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Car Insurance Deductibles: Cost vs. Benefit

By on April 11, 2011 in Auto Insurance, Insurance with 0 Comments

Anyone who has a car is legally obligated to have car insurance. The level of insurance required varies from state to state, but most require you to have liability insurance at the minimum. Liability insurance covers the damages you cause another person if you run into them and are the cause of the accident. You […]

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Find Cheaper Auto Insurance

By on March 20, 2011 in Auto Insurance, Insurance with 0 Comments

Auto insurance rates fluctuate more often than you might think. If you haven’t checked around to receive quotes from other companies for your car insurance coverage you might be paying more than you need to for coverage. Finding cheaper auto insurance doesn’t mean you have to sign up with a shady firm that you don’t […]

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