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Cheap Life Insurance in North Dakota

Life insurance is not the first thing anyone thinks of buying, however, it is a valuable financial tool most of us will have to look at purchasing at some point in our lives. EZ Rate Quotes insurance directory offers an instant way to match yourself with some of the best North Dakota life insurance. Looking for a cheap North Dakota term life insurance policy? Need some permanent coverage available through a plan such as a whole life or universal life insurance contract? Regardless for your reason, our online search engine will find an affordable North Dakota insurer who will meet your family’s needs.

Why do I need Life Insurance

Life insurance is the ultimate tool in helping you prepare for the unexpected. No one wants to leave their family empty handed due to their untimely death. There are many reasons we should consider providing our family with the lump sum death benefit this type of insurance provides. Some of the reasons you may be looking to buy North Dakota life insurance include:

  • To Replace Lost Income: The death of a bread winner would be devastating to a family without proper planning. Life insurance can help to replace most if not all of the lost income, enabling a family to move forward with their lives even after such a huge lose. The last thing a family should have to worry about, after the loss of a loved one, is how they are going to pay the bills moving forward. But how much insurance do I need to replace an individual’s income? That question is often asked. Your best bet is to speak with an experienced North Dakota insurance agent and find out what death benefit you would need for your specific situation.
  • To Pay Off Debt: Most of us carry some credit card debt and student loans but the largest debt most households have is the outstanding mortgage balance on their North Dakota home. It is usually encouraged that you are insured for an amount no lower than what it would take to pay off all your outstanding debt. For those who are taking out a mortgage are unsure if mortgage insurance is a good idea, you will want to compare the cost of the mortgage insurance with that of a term policy with duration equal to the term of your loan. Find a cheap North Dakota life insurance policy.
  • To Pay Final Expenses: The final months of a person’s life are usually the most expensive with medical bills and legal fees. This doesn’t even take into consideration the funeral and other related expenses. Having enough life insurance to pay off all of these expenses does not have to cost a ton. Compare cheap North Dakota life insurance quotes from affordable companies to make sure you have the finances necessary in your time of need.
  • To Pay for a Child’s Education: Sending your kids to college is something most of us hope to be able to do but it take proper planning to make this happen. One specific part of the planning process is what will you do should something happen to you or your spouse. Life insurance can be used to provide for the necessary funding needed to send your kids to school should a head of household pass away unexpectedly. Buy a life insurance policy with the best rate from one of our networks quality North Dakota insurers and give yourself the peace of mind when it comes to your child’s education.

What Type of Life Insurance can I get in North Dakota

While it may seem that North Dakota life insurance comes in many different varieties they generally fall into two specific categories, term and permanent. The two type of permanent life insurance products most often used are whole life and universal life.

  • Term Life Insurance: Term life insurance is a type of policy that provides coverage for a specific number of years. An example would be a $200,000 30-year term life policy. This policy would provide a $200,000 death benefit for 30 years as long as the insurance premiums are paid on time. Term life insurance is often referred to as pure insurance since it does not accumulate any cash value. Typically term life insurance is the cheapest form of insurance but speak with a representative from a quality North Dakota insurance company to compare the different options before you make a decision.
  • Whole Life Insurance: North Dakota Whole life insurance was created to provide permanent coverage for the insured until the time of death. With a whole life policy monthly premiums are higher and cash value grows within the policy over time. This cash value can be taken out as a loan or used to buy additional death benefit. While most whole life policies require continued payments be made for the life of the policy there are some exceptions. For example a single pay whole life policy allows for one single payment to be made at the beginning and that policy will remain in force for the insured’s life. Limited pay whole life insurance is another policy type that allows you to make premium payments over a short period of time. For example a limited pay policy may require you to only pay to age 65 after which the policy is considered paid up.
  • Universal Life Insurance: Universal life insurance is another form of permanent insurance available through most North Dakota insurance companies. It is similar to whole life but has some distinct differences. While universal life insurance is more flexible and may have more options that whole life the cash value is generated differently and unlike whole life not guaranteed. Types of universal life insurance include single premium, fixed premium and flexible premium. If you are looking into buying a universal life policy remember that while it does have a cash value feature it is not an investment product. It is a life insurance policy that does offer some access to the cash value but is meant solely for use as a North Dakota life insurance policy.

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