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Is now the right time to lock in a low rate by refinancing your current mortgage? There are many reasons you may want to look at a mortgage refinance loan. Some of the more common reasons to have your loan refinanced include:

Lowering your current interest rate: There are a lot of different factors that determine where current mortgage rates sit. One thing you can count on is that over time the average rate on a home loan will move up and down. You may find that the available interest rates have fallen enough for you to save on your monthly payment. Obtaining a lower interest rate on your home loan not only can help you save money each month but that savings can be used to pay off your mortgage faster.
Converting from an adjustable to fixed rate: During the housing boom many homeowners took out interest only mortgages or adjustable rate loans. Once their locked in period expired many began to see their rates increase over time. If you find yourself in a position where your rate is increasing you may want to look at locking in a rate with a fixed rate mortgage. Refinancing into a fixed loan can give you the piece of mind in knowing what your mortgage payment will be from month to month.
Cash-out refinance: If you have accumulated equity in your property you may want to tap into that equity to pay some bills. Some of the things homeowners use their equity on include paying for a child’s college education, home improvements or paying off some high interest rate credit card debt.
No matter if your reason for looking to refinance your mortgage is one of the above or not one thing is certain. Refinancing into the best loan possible takes some homework. Take a moment and find the best refinance rates today with an experienced lender near you!

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